Femme Fatales of the North

Meet the Femme Fatales

The Femme Fatales of the North are abstract painters Rebecca Klementovich and Kristen Pobatschnig, partnering Abstract Art with the the Local New England landscape. The two artists are from northern New Hampshire, and they enjoy showing their work in non-traditional ways. By hosting shows outdoors in unique settings, they bring the viewer outside of traditional gallery space to see the art in their natural habitat, amongst the trees, grass and snow. By pairing contemporary art with the outdoors, they offer an outdoor gallery experience to be enjoyed by art goers and non-art goers alike. They are known for promoting the presence of women in the Arts with their photographic endeavors.

Klementovich and Pobatschnig started collaborating with photographers (Orion Kugel, Violet Webster, Joe Klementovich to name a few) to combine their paintings with photography. The results offer a glimpse of the artist behind the canvas, and by creating such intriguing compositions the photos are at times as abstract as the paintings themselves.


PHOTO Anna Demarco

Photo by Anna Demarco