Femme Fatales of the North

Rebecca’s Fashion Illustrations -NYC

Fashion Illustration in New Hampshire

After moving from the East Village to Queens to New Hampshire. I often wondered how I would translate the talent I had as a Fashion Illustrator and Designer in NH. It wasn’t till ten years later in the upcoming collection of Women’s Portraits, Women Heroines and teaching fashion drawing to teens did I realize where it would all lead. We are in a time when art, and women are new frontiers. What I see is that these two factors together are now making social and monetary impact.
My opportunity landed when I worked as a fashion illustration under the Joan Voss brand- This situation was a rarity. Today fashion illustration is used in marketing and also it is a fast way to show a client what the clothes will look on an actual person.
I did 22 years of fashion illustration and technical drawings for the fashion industry in New York City. It is soooo exciting to bring that talent to New Hampshire. One of the ways is that I teach fashion sketching to teenagers. A second way is doing Inspiring female portraits. Third is a new series of New Hampshire 18th century Heroine portraits.
All three will ways of educating and supporting women through art.
You can find some of this art at http://www.klementovich.com  under the Figures page.
#fashionillustrationnh #18centuryhero

fashion 3 quarter view bob

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