Femme Fatales of the North

About the Artists

 Rebecca Klementovich is from Bartlett, NH. To view her portfolio, visit her website at klementovich.com

Kristen Pobatschnig lives in Conway, NH. To view her portfolio, visit colorsinspace.com


Orion Kugel, Photographer

 Orion Kugel is the Femme’s primary photographer. Typically a collage artist and writer, we are thrilled he is bringing his photography skills and unique perspective to our projects. To see more of Orion’s work, visit orionkugel.com


Femme Fatales of the North duo Kristen Pobatschnig and Rebecca Klementovich are here to bring contemporary art to the north country of New Hampshire and beyond. The two are planning outdoor art shows in each of the seasons to take place in the woods of the White Mountains. By showing their artwork within the natural landscape, they hope to present a different viewing experience that could only happen in rural New Hampshire.

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